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Bibi Russel

Bibi Russel earned a graduate degree in fashion from London College of Fashion in 1975. Bibi Russell organized her first European fashion show (pioneering event by an South Asian female) in Paris in 1996. She also organized fashion show, The Colours of Bangladesh, in Spain in 1997. In 2016, she participated in India at India Runway Week seventh edition where she presented her latest collection on Rajasthan khadi. Bibi's collection was celebrated by the Indian fashion industry. Recently (in year 2016 & 18), she showcased her collection for the opening show at the third biggest fashion week of India, Indian Federation for Fashion Development's India Runway Week Season 7.Bibi Russell participated in Kolkata Kettle in 2019, and was here to encourage artists from various genres who displayed their craft.

Nayanika Chatterjee

When she started out at the age of 19, Nayanika Chatterjee was a model; and then she became an Indian supermodel; and 30 years on, she is an icon in the industry, one who has trounced the notion that a modelling career comes with a best-before date. The recent India Couture Week in Delhi was her last runway walk for a couture show, though not her last fashion show. She agreed to come to Kolkata Kettle as she believed it was a unique platform to showcase craft and couture, all for a cause.